Forum down time - Apologies

Due to recent problems with certain organisations and malicious individuals THIS is the only section of this forum you will be able to access as a Guest for the time being. When you have registered and your details verified then you will have full access to the forum. I'm sorry we have had to take these measures but it is all down to selfish, childish and malicious individuals who would ruin it for others

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Forum down time - Apologies

Post by Gerry » August 11th, 2018, 8:20 pm

The forum's been down due to a power cut, whilst the servers behaved themselves, the modem didn't & couldn't be bothered to reconnect to the internet, due to our fantastic tech guy being away, it's taken a day or so to recover.
Apologies to those who couldn't 'get their fix' & to their wives and partners.
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